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Archived Extension Homemakers Leader Lessons


June 2019, Keys to Embracing Aging: Take Time for You and Stress

May 2019, Keys to Embracing Aging: Sleep and Physical Activity

April 2019, Keys to Embracing Aging: Financial Affairs

March 2019, Keys to Embracing Aging: Safety

February 2019, Keys to Embracing Aging: Social Activity

January 2019, Keys to Embracing Aging: Know Your Health Numbers

December 2018, Keys to Embracing Aging: Tuning Into the Times

November 2018, Keys to Embracing Aging: Brain Activity

October 2018, Keys to Embracing Aging: Eating Smart and Healthy

September 2018, Keys to Embracing Aging: Positive Attitude


June 2018, The In's and Out's of Downsizing Your Home

April 2018, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

March 2018, Oral Health and You

February 2018, Taking Care of Your Heart

January 2018, Educate Before You Medicate

December 2017, Healthy Homemakers Series: Personal Safety

November 2017, Healthy Homemakers Series: Stroke Awareness

October 2017, Healthy Homemaker Series: The Importance of Balance

September 2017, Healthy Homemaker Series: Stay Happy Stay Healthy


June 2017, Know Before You Go!

May 2017, Gardening in Small Spaces

March 2017, Savvy Sellers and Bargain Hunters

February 2017, Meatless Makes Cents

January 2017, Blue to You

November 2016, Economic Entree

October 2016, Generating Members, Volunteers & Leaders in Community Organizations

September 2016, People Learn with a Purpose


March, 2016 Healthy Beverage Choices

February, 2016 Understanding Generational Differences

January, 2016 Maximizing Your Dollars in Retirement

November/December 2015 Managing Holiday Expenses

October, 2015 Sauces, Dips and Dressings

September, 2015 Know the 10 Signs (Alzheimer's Awareness)

August, 2015 KY Honey: What's the Buzz?


Summer Mail Out Is your Home Making You or Your Family Sick?

April, 2015 Healthy Restaurant Eating

     Eating on the Run Tip Sheet

March, 2015 What's New with Bamboo?

February, 2015 Women and Heart Disease

January, 2015 How to Manage Electronic Accounts, Online Bill Payment, and Debit Cards

December, 2014 Protecting Your Identity During the Holiday Season

November, 2014 Living Better Through Home Energy Management

October, 2014 Managing in Tough Times: Rebounding from Finance$ After a Recession

September, 2014 Oh, Where Did I Put That?

August, 2014 Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud


June/July 2014 Summer Mail Out, What Women Should know About Finances

May, 2014 Growing and Caring For Herbs

April, 2014 Nourish Your Bones

March, 2014 Sprucing Up Your Wardrobe with a Scarf

February, 2014 Simply Vegetarian

January, 2014 Heart Healthy Month

December, 2013 Maximizing Your Dollars in Retirement

November, 2013 Holiday Mail Out

October, 2013 Life Story: Your History Can Help You

September, 2013 Bountiful Beans

August, 2013 Significant Leadership