Below you will find a list of recent newsletters and bulletins issued by the Johnson County Cooperative Extension Office and the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.


Johnson County FCS Newsletters

Current FCS Newsletter--Spring 2018

Healthy Education through Extension Leadership (HEEL) Health Bulletins

May  2016 Adult

May  2016 Parent

May 2016 Youth

May 2016 Caregiver

**Archived HEEL Health Bulletins 

Moneywi$e Newsletters

April 2016

**Archived Moneywi$e Newsletters 

Healthy Choices SNAP-ED Newsletters

April/May 2016 Healthy Choices

**Archived Healthy Choices Newsletters including issues in Español.



KY Master Volunteer in Clothing Construction Newsletters

Just-In-Time Parenting Resources

UK's Ag Magazine "The mAGazine"